Huxtable Farm’s Environmental Policy – Some of things we endeavor to do to reduce our environmental impact..

We are lucky enough to live in such beautiful, natural environment so here at Huxtable Farm we try to look after what we have. Mission Statement “Huxtable Farm endeavors to ensure as far as possible that our activities have minimal impact upon the environment. Where possible we attempt to use local produce, use environmentally friendly products, reuse and recycle waste, conserve energy and try to preserve wildlife habitats.”

What we do: – As a friendly, family run farm & bed and breakfast situated within North Devons designated area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, we care about the world we will pass on to our children. With this in mind we aim to make Huxtable Farm as environmentally friendly as possible.

Support, use and promote local produce, food, drink & crafts;

It is the policy at Huxtable Farm to buy from local sources wherever possible. This applies not only to food and drink but building materials, printing, stationary and other general supplies. By using local companies and producers we are supporting the local market which will in turn benefit our business by creating a sustainable local economy, plus it reduces the miles that these goods will have travelled to reach us, therefore reducing the associated carbon emissions. Here at Huxtable Farm we source our food from our own farm and locally, on the basis of home produced and homemade, buying from local producers where ever possible, including farmers markets and fair-trade products. We grow our own fruit, some vegetables, herbs and use food for free from the land e.g. elderflowers, to make our own preserves such as Gooseberry & Elderflower Jam for the breakfast table to accompany our homemade bread. Our flock of Jacob sheep not only supply us with meat but beautiful wool, rugs and cloth which we have made into throws, cushions, gloves and various articles available to purchase.
A list of our local food and beverage suppliers, that you may want to contact and arrange to take home some of the best fresh local produce available, can be found at Meals at Huxtable Farm. Our well stocked information room at the farm has details of local craftsmen, exhibitions and events.

Water & Energy conservation;

Here at Huxtable Farm the wood from the farm is stored for at least a year until it is sufficiently dried to use in our wood burning stoves, to heat the house & boost the central heating system. We use ‘Green Electricity’ and energy efficient light bulbs. In unoccupied rooms temperatures are lowered & lights are switched off. Loft spaces are insulated and windows are double glazed. Any electrical appliances are replaced with eco-friendly A & B rated appliances. Batteries are recharged using a battery charger and wind up torches are in the bedrooms. Water usage is reduced by installing water saving devices in the cisterns, using water butts for watering flowers and reducing the number of towels washed with an environmentally friendly notice in bathrooms for guests.

Promote and support local environmental projects;

Situated within North Devon’s Area of Outstanding Beauty and as a members of the Devon Wildlife Trust (DWT), National Parks, RHS and numerous tourism organisations we have a vast amount of information on local environmental projects, guided walks, natures reserves etc.


Huxtable Farm is a Devon Wildlife Trust approved business, achieving Gold Award Approval. For more information on the Trust please visit We are constantly looking at ways to encourage the wildlife to flourish at Huxtable Farm through the management of the woodland, pond and bracken covered slope, bird feeding and erecting nesting boxes. ‘Huxtable Farm’s Devon Wildlife Farm Trail’, guided tour of the farm animals during feeding times and additional reference information on wildlife available for encourages visitors to explore and recognise the variety of flora & fauna that the farm hosts. Records are available of the wildlife sighted on the farm. Click here for a list of animals and plants identified on Huxtable Farm. To see video clips of wildlife filmed at Huxtable farm please visit ‘Video Tour’ web page

Reduce waste by recycling everything possible;

As part of our improved policy on waste management, we recycle as much as possible. Glass, tins, aluminium, paper, card & plastics if not reused are recycled. Jars are used for night lights in the garden or kept for jams or for storage of dry goods. Plastic containers such as margarine tubs are reused as storage containers or as seed trays in the greenhouse. Stamps are collected & given to charity, as are clothes and any unwanted furniture. Kitchen & garden waste is composted. Print cartridges are given to Macmillan cancer support. Were possible packaging and envelopes are reused and scrap paper is used for notepaper. To minimize the number of bottles disposed of refillable soap, bath gel & moisturiser dispensers are used in the bedrooms.


Huxtable Farm minimises the use of the business vehicle as far as possible and combines trips with other purchases and activities. Bulk purchasing also reduces the need to constantly shop. In addition, home deliveries of products via local suppliers, where available, are arranged e.g Langage Farm & Miles Tea. We try to avoid purchasing products with unnecessary packaging. Where possible recycled paper is purchased for headed notepaper, invoices & toilet rolls. We are currently bulk purchasing mainly ecofriendly/boidegradable cleaning materials, causing less pollution and to keep our septic tank healthy. Wax polish is used for the furniture. Old newspaper is a wonderful polish for glass and mirrors, as are traditional methods of cleaning together with elbow grease.

Maximising Customer experience;

Huxtable Farm is a non-smoking establishment. A supply of visitor information on attractions, places to visit, maps, circular walks and timetables are available for guests to borrow during their stay. Huxtable Farm offers secure parking for cyclists and is a recognised by VisitBritain as an establishment that particularly welcome walkers and cyclists by awarding us with the Walkers Welcome & Cyclists Welcome Awards. A discounted rate is offered for short and long breaks taken the low season. Huxtable Farm raises funds for the ‘Devon Wildlife Trust’ & ‘Devon Air Ambulance’ by organising events such a walks followed by a cream tea at various time of the year at the farm in addition to having a donation box in the dining room. Huxtable Farm caters for all diets, such as vegetarian, vegan, diabetic and coeliac. Huxtable Farm welcomes any suggestions about how its environmental policy can be further improved.

Plastic Free Visitor Campaign

Plastic Free Visitor Campaign

We hope you, the visitor, will join us in trying to make Huxtable Farm an environmentally friendly B&B; – Here are a few ways in which you can help us:

• Switch off the television standby when not in use.

• Use the recycle bin in your bedroom.

• Switch off the heated towel rail when finished with.

• Please don’t leave the tap running when you brush your teeth.

• Spend a day of your holiday ‘car free’, enjoy Huxtable Farm’s Devon Wildlife farm trail and /or go on one of the circular walks from the farm.

• Here are some other ideas for a  Plastic Free North Devon 2019


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Please click here for OTHER USEFUL INFORMATION about the area, such as tide times, weather forecast etc.

Huxtable Farm has acheived the following Awards in its attempt to reduce its environmental impact on the world! Devon Wildlife Trust Gold Approval, Visit Englands Walkers Welcome & Cyclists Welcome Awards. Past winner of North Devon’s Super Service Award and ‘Taste of Exmoor’ Award.