FIREWOOD – Well seasoned hard wood and soft wood LOGS, suitable for wood burners and open fires, for sale West Buckland, South Molton & Barnstaple, North Devon area.

Woodburner and log basket

Woodburner and log basket

Our well seasoned hardwood and softwood is over 12mths old then cut, split and stored in a barn until suitably seasoned to ensure that the logs are ready to burn.

The hardwood and softwood logs are cut and split ready to use in wood burners and open fires. Guaranteed under 20% moisture content.

Sustainably sourced from our own woodland, which is managed for the benefit of the wildlife and enhancing the countryside.

The hardwood logs are predominantly Ash & Beech, whilst the softwood is mainly Larch.

Firewood Log Deliveries in North Devon:-

Truck with two dumpy bags of logs

Truck with two dumpy bags of logs

Two dumpy bags (as shown in picture) can be delivered at one time to a maximum radius distance of 10 miles from EX32 0SR for free. Deliveries between 10 to 20 miles radius from EX32 0SR can be made too with a delivery cost charge.


Large Dumpy Bag of Soft wood = £85

Large Dumpy Bag of Hard wood = £100

Net of logs

Net of logs

Two large bags in Hi-Lux Truck; Softwood = £160  Hardwood = £190 : Mixed Hardwood and Soft wood = £175.

Small sample netted bags (Approx 0.2 cubic metres) are available to collect at £10 each.

Payment can be by Bacs or Cash on delivery. Receipts can be e-mailed.

* Please telphone Antony on 01598 760254 to place an order or for more information *

Hardwood logs

Hardwood logs

The difference between hardwood and softwood:

Hardwood; – Is from slow growing deciduous, broadleaf trees e.g. oak, ash, beech. Hardwood has a high density and BURNS SLOWLY, giving a slower, steady heat.

Softwood logs

Softwood logs

Softwood; – Is from fast growing evergreens, conifers e.g. Larch. Softwood has a lower density and burns faster than hardwood, giving out a rapid high heat. Larch has a fresh, pine aroma and visually creates an atmospheric fire with lots of flames.

Why is it important to have Seasoned Logs for firewood? Seasoning reduces the moisture content of the wood making it more suitable as fuel. This is acheived a0 by felling trees when they contain the least moisture e.g. when the sap is low during the winter and b) cutting and splitting the logs and leaving them to air dry for at least an entire summer season. If the wood is NOT well seasoned it will contain too much moisture. Burning badly seasoned firewood will also cause access soot and tar deposits in your chimney or flue.

* Please telphone Antony on 01598 760254 to place an order or for more information. Alternatively please E-mail;

West Buckland, Barnstaple, North Devon

Also available to purchase and can be delivered at the same time a load of logs; Unique wood coffee tables and other unique gifts  including  Jacob wool products from our flock of Jacob sheep

Coffee table (light) approx 21" Diameter 17" high

Coffee table (light) approx 21″ Diameter 17″ high £40

Wood coffee tables made in North Devon

Wood coffee tables made in North Devon (collection only or delivered with log order)

Wood coat hanger 127x40cms

Wood coat hanger 127x40cms £110 (collection only or delivered with log order)

Hand Knitted elephants with removable clothing £19 each

Hand Knitted elephants with removable clothing £19 each

Stripy Jacob wool hats with pompoms

Hand knitted Jacob wool hats £25 each

Jacob wool throw

100% Huxtable Farm Jacob wool throw (140cm x 180cm) £130 and cushions £30 each (Only dark available now)